Basilisk is an enemy of Mighty Max, from the Battle Warrior Mighty Max Shatters Gargoyle.


A green-skinned creature, Basilisk plotted to release the Medi-Evil Mauler from his stone prison. At Castle Moyne, Basilisk performed the ritual to awaken the beast. However, he did not know Max was touring the castle. Once Max found out Basilisk's plan, he immediately tried to stop him. Basilisk succeeded in releasing the Medi-Evil Mauler, and his pet the Stone Dragon. Max made quick work of the dragon, and proceeded to reverse the encantation by saying it backwards. The Medi-Evil Mauler turned back to stone, supposedly crushing Basilisk in the process.


  • Basilisk is the name of one of the Monster Heads. However, it is vastly different from this character, having purple skin and an almost lion-like face.