Toy Appearance(s): The Ice Alien
Cartoon Appearance(s): N/A
Minion(s): Iceosaurus
Weapons: Refrigeration Unit
Voiced By: N/A

The Cryogenoid is an enemy of Mighty Max, from the Doom Zone Mighty Max Liquidates the Ice Alien.


An alien creature from an unknown world, the super-intelligent Cryogenoid resides in an arctic region. He kidnaps Max and encases his arms and legs in ice. Planning to use his brain on his creation, the Iceosaurus, the Cryogenoid attacked Max when he had escaped from the ice chains. However, he fell from the ice, and ordered his pets to stop him before he reached the Refrigeration Unit. Max succeeded in reaching the unit, and froze the Iceosaurus. He then proceeded to destroy the Cryogenoid's computer systems, causing it to explode and presumably destroy the creature.

Animated SeriesEdit

While the Cryogenoid does not appear in the animated series himself, his Iceosaurus monsters resemble the villains from the episode Out in the Cold, simply being referred to as Ice Aliens.