The Eye of Cyclops is an enemy of Mighty Max from the Doom Zone Mighty Max Outwits Cyclops.


The Eye of Cyclops was kept alive long after the death of the one-eyed giant. Kept by the Torturer, the Eye survived through feasting on unsuspecting victims found by his servant and fried in an electric chair. Max was suddenly teleported into the electric chair, only to escape and fight his way through several obstacles while being chased by the Torturer. He then came to the Eye, which attempted to devour him, but the Eye was stopped when a door slammed onto its several tentacle-like nerves. Max was able to defeat the Torturer and flee the torture chamber that the Eye of Cyclops had called home.

Animated SeriesEdit

The Eye appeared in the episode Day of the Cyclops, kept by the Torturer (now named Torlak). Very similar in appearance to the figurine, the Eye wanted to feed on Max and Norman. Max, however, set it on fire and it presumably burnt to death while Max and Norman escaped.