Toy Appearance(s): Squishes Fly
Cartoon Appearance(s): Fly By Night
Minion(s): Drax
Weapons: Hypnotron
Voiced By: JoBeth Williams

Fly is an enemy of Mighty Max, from the Doom Zone Mighty Max Squishes Fly.


A blood-thirsty vampire, Fly captured several humans and used them to power his Thought Control Center. As soon as Max interfered in his plans, he sent his pet Drax after him. Drax tied Max up and the Fly attempted to use his Hypnotron on the boy. Max feigns hypnosis, but quickly ends his charade when Fly attempts to entrap him in his web of despair. Fly ended up hitting Drax and the Hypnotron instead, and he vowed to kill Max personally. Fly chased after Max, while Max used a nearby weapon to free the captured humans. Then, from outside, Max destroyed Fly's Control Center, sending it plummeting to the ground below.

Animated SeriesEdit

Fly appeared in the episode Fly By Night, though depicted as female rather than male, and known as Countess Moska.


Countess Moska.

A vampire residing in London, Countess Moska was presumably a relative of Count Dracula. She stalked the streets, searching for victims who were alone to devour. Max, Virgil, and Norman first encounter one of her victims, a mime. As they search for the predator, they get split up. Max is the first to run into Moska, who attemps to mind-control him. She then transformed into a hideous creature and grabbed Max, but his shirt ripped and he fled. She chased him down, but Norman arrived and beat her. She laughed and began to spit toxic sludge from her tongue. Flying from all corners, Countess Moska had apparently been vanquished after crossing water. Max convinced Virgil that she must still be alive.

At Moska's castle, the trio find vampire maggots crawling on the walls. Countess Moska appeared and revealed that the vampires being bats is a misconception, and they are truly flies. The vampire larva battled Norman, while Max and Virgil attempted to find light. Moska reveals that she is nourished by the sun, and she spat on Norman. Max and Virgil fled, while Moska transformed once again, this time into a full fly. She battled Norman, attempting to decapitate him, while Max torches the entire castle, destroying the larva. Countess Moska is inevitably killed by Norman, who squashed her with a piece of abstract art shaped like a flyswatter.

Countess Moska was voiced by JoBeth Williams.