Lockjaw was a maniacal killer who first appeared in Mighty Max Tangles With Lockjaw, and was later adapted into the villain of the TV episode The Axeman Cometh.

Horror Head Edit

In the Horror Head playset Max found himself in an isolated shack belonging to Lockjaw, an axe-wielding maniac who had on a metal mask keeping his jaw shut. Lockjaw attacked Max, who mockingly gave him the nickname "Big Red" thanks to the blood-red color of his skin. Max managed to trap him inside a wooden box and make his escape.

TV Show Edit

Long ago a tribe called The Strangers tried to attack Norman's village but were fought off. They had their shaman summon Lockjaw (pronounced "loke-yaw"), the demon of violence, and freed him from his chains of adamnite (an indesctructible metal forged by the gods) to make them powerful enough to conquer Norman and his people. They fought for hours but Lockjaw couldn't defeat Norman, and the demon became so angry he screamed and destroyed his surroundings. Realizing the terrible evil they'd unleashed, the Strangers joined forces with Norman's people and captured Lockjaw, binding him in his chains again.

Since Lockjaw was a demon and thus couldn't be killed, Norman and Virgil bound him to the top of a tree, hid his axe under a mountain and the key to his chains at the bottom of a lake. Unfortunately, by the time Max had become the Mighty One the land where Lockjaw had been imprisoned was being cleared for development. Lumberjacks cut down the tree where he was imprisoned (and were promptly killed with their own chainsaw by the monster), and he was able to locate his axe from the rubble of the cleared mountain. Max, Norman and Virgil arrived in the area just before he was able to find the key.

As they fled through the forest trying to keep Lockjaw from getting the key, Norman became more and more obsessed with destroying the creature once and for all until Max managed to snap him out of it. This seemed to help Max realize the true nature of Lockjaw, that as a kind of personification of violence he couldn't be stopped by more violence, and rather than fighting him Max gave him the key. Now able to unleash his scream, Lockjaw did, which caused an avalanche and buried him.

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