Max's Mom is a very beautiful, motherly, aspiring, dignified, protective, selfless, modest, organized, merciful, mature, responsible, sensible, patient, mild-mannered, independent, sweet-tempered, sympathetic, melodramatic, observant, mellifluous and smart archeologist who is never named throughout the series. She first appeared in the episode Day of the Cyclops, and is voiced by Tress MacNeille. The show avoids ever mentioning her name. Deliberately, it seems, when in Tar Wars Norman struggles to think of how to properly greet her, "Mrs....Miss...Mom."

An archaeologist who works for the local museum. She often travels all over the world, and usually leaves Max to his own devices. Despite her beauty, she tries to be a good mother, though, and tends to worry about Max since finding out that he is the Mighty One. More than once Max has had to rescue her, as her love for archaeology sometimes overrides her better judgment. Despite her initial shock at seeing a talking chicken (fowl actually), she and Virgil often have historical discussions, and she is one of the few people who can out-talk the Lemurian.

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