Mighty Max: Into the Battle Zone is the name of an aborted fourth wave of Mighty Max toys; these were due for release in 1996, but none made it past the prototype stage. The wave did not become public knowledge until one of the toyline's designers posted details, including a pictorial SKU (stock keeping unit) list, on the Mighty Max Archives forum.[1]

The "Into the Battle Zone" line was to have featured an older-looking Max, with a black jacket, sunglasses and weapons. Norman and Skullmaster likewise carried futuristic weaponry, while Virgil was almost totally absent - the SKU list shows his figure only in connection with the Warmonger and Doom sets, both of which were likely to have been conceived before the "Into the Battle Zone" retooling (they are also shown to include the earlier, younger-looking Max). The line introduced new allies for Max and Norman, but details on these characters is scarce.

What backstory would have accompanied this line is unknown.


Figure PacksEdit

These packs follow the format of Heroes & Villains, with the distinctions that no characters are re-used between packs and the good and evil sides appear evenly matched. The details of packs 5-8 are unknown, as they are not pictured in the SKU list.

  • Skull Master's Marauders
  • Norman's Heroes
  • Max's Avengers
  • The Dark Company
  • Figure Packs 5-8

Battle WheelsEdit

A new addition to the line, each of these vehicles was to have come with a light-up figure. The SKU list does not name the vehicles themselves, but rather the characters who would have ridden them; it also states that the four characters would have included two heroes and two villains.

  • Norman
  • Arak
  • Warmonger
  • Conquerer

Battle ZonesEdit

This appears to be a new name for what were previously called Doom Zones.

  • Piranha
  • Mummy King
  • Toad

Battle WarriorsEdit

Aside from including light-up figures, these are essentially the same concept as the released Battle Warriors

  • Stegoman
  • Ninja Samurai
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Nosferatu
  • Arak
  • The illustrated portion of the list includes line-art of a redesigned Norman in its list of Battle Warriors, but he is not in the textual list earlier on.

Battle FortressesEdit

Both of these sets were included on a promotional poster that showed them alongside various second and third wave sets.[2] They were likely designed before the "Into the Battle Zone" retooling, probably as part of the Mega Heads line; the photos in the SKU list show them alongside the earlier Max design and Virgil (absent from the rest of the fourth wave).

Other setsEdit

  • Snake Pit (listed as a Battle Arena)
  • Bat (listed as a Battle Warrior, but clearly not fitting that line's format; it would actually have been a plus-sized Doom/Battle Zone which could be turned into a vehicle[3])


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