Mighty Max Grapples with Battle Cat is a Doom Zone with a prehistoric theme.


Battle Cat.


Deep within a cave, Max is teleported inside. He hears a rumbling noise, and looks to see a decapitated, fried creature hanging from the ceiling. Suddenly, Gor the Caveman and the Battle Cat appear, hoping to eat Max. Max runs, but is confronted by a Mastodon. The Mastodon and Battle Cat fight each other and end up falling into a tar pit. Max jumps from a ledge and runs back into the Battle Cat. He throws a rock at Gor's head, which stuns him, then dodges the Battle Cat, who launches itself onto Gor. They both fall off the cliff, into the pool of tar. Max teleports to safety.


  • Max
  • Gor the Caveman
  • Mastodon