Mighty Max Outwits Cyclops
Style: Doom Zone
Release Date: 1993

Mighty Max Outwits Cyclops is a Doom Zone with a torture theme.

Story[edit | edit source]

Max immediately teleports inside the chamber of the Eye of Cyclops, onto an electric chair. The vile Torturer cracks his whip and reveals that Max is going to be fried and fed to his pet, the Eye. Max jumps from the chair and kicks the Torturer in the head, attempting to escape. However, the Torturer quickly recovers and grabs Max, bringing him to a guillotine. Max grabs the nearest item, a pot, and puts it onto the guillotine, stopping the blade. The Torturer shoves Max into the room where the Eye is kept, and Max starts to run. The pulsating, veiny Eye chases after Max, with the Torturer setting off traps all around the room. The Torturer follows Max and runs into a spiked coffin. Max quickly closes the door on the Torturer, and his hat lights up, beginning to teleport him away.

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