Mighty Max Storms Dragon Island is a large playset with a treasure island theme.



Dragon Island artwork.

The story begins with Max, Norman, and Virgil floating in a raft to Dragon Island, and just missing an ambush from the Lagoon Monster. Virgil comments that they need a plan of attack, to which Norman replies, "My plan is attack." They are immediately attacked by two henchmen. The Zilard Overlord orders the Zilard Mutant Warrior to capture them. However, Virgil hides in the bushes while Norman and Max are taken prisoner. Max orders Norman not to attack, as he needs to see Skullmaster. Skullmaster appears, and introduces his newest ally, the Necrosaur, a giant dragon. The Island comes alive and orders Skullmaster to sacrifice the Mighty One.

In the nick of time, Virgil rescues Max from being devoured by the Island. They break Norman free and attack Skullmaster, destroying the beacons which keep the Zilards under Skullmaster's control. The Zilard henchmen attack, while Max finds the Arrow of Death to blast Skullmaster and the Necrosaur out of the sky, though Max is taken under due to the power of the blast. Norman and Virgil, on the escape raft, believe Max to be dead, until he pops his head up from the water.


This playset includes:


The playset and figurines.

  • Max
  • Norman
  • Virgil
  • Skull Master
  • Necrosaur
  • Zilard Overlord
  • Zilard Mutant Warrior
  • Lagoon Monster
  • Escape Raft
  • Arrow of Death
  • Zinger Missles
  • Dragon Bomb
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