Mort the Gravedigger
Mort comic.jpg
Toy Appearance(s): Survives Corpus
Cartoon Appearance(s): N/A
Weapons & Abilities: Shovel

Mort the Gravedigger is a minor enemy in the Mighty Max series, first appearing in the Horror Head Mighty Max Survives Corpus.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Toyline[edit | edit source]

Mort the Gravedigger was an insane grave robber who Max stumbled upon unearthing a coffin. From this coffin arose a purple skinned Corpse. Mort attempted to decapitate Max with his shovel, but Max ducked and Mort instead cut off the zombie's head. The headless zombie then turned on the criminal and presumably killed him.

Comic Book Series[edit | edit source]

Mort appeared in The Adventures of Mighty Max #6, though he was never named on-panel. During the Day of the Dead celebration, Mort discovered a voodoo amulet that had the ability to raise the dead. He used the amulet to summon zombies to make room for fresh graves. Max, Norman, and Virgil confronted Mort, who tried to hold them back with a shovel. While Mort was busy with Norman, Max destroyed the amulet, causing the zombies to return to the crypt. Norman then smashed a pillar, bringing the entire tomb down around Mort. When asked if Mort was dead, Norman replied, "Don't know. But he's certainly buried."

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