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The Adventures of Mighty Max was a video game released for the Sega Genesis and Super NES systems in 1994. It is one of 3 officially released Mighty Max video games, the other being LCD games. In some releases the game was packaged with a VHS tape of an episode of the show (Day of the Cyclops or Let Sleeping Dragons Lie!).

In the game the player can control Max, Felix or Bea or two players can play two simultaneously. They travel to different worlds (Volcano, Space, Ocean, Jungle and Egypt) and make use of puzzles to find all the pieces of an ultimate weapon that can be used to defeat Skull Master in each level. Two worlds are selectable at first and as each is cleared another replaces it at the select screen represented by Max's house. The player can temporarily stun enemies by shooting them with a tennis ball gun. Once stunned they can be lifted and thrown to be disposed of permanently.

Appearances by other characters from the series are sparse. Rock Monsters appear as enemies in the Volcano world, and power-up items can cause Virgil appear to give a hint and Norman to temporarily follow the player around and kill stunned enemies for them.

The game generally received a negative reception for lack of connections to the show, stiff controls and overly simplistic puzzle design.

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