Toy Appearance(s): Outwits Cyclops
Cartoon Appearance(s): Day of the Cyclops
Minion(s): Eye of Cyclops
Weapons & Abilities: Whip
Voiced By: N/A

Torturer is a recurring enemy in the Mighty Max series, first appearing in the Doom Zone Mighty Max Outwits Cyclops.



The vile Torturer was a servant of the Cyclops, and cared for his Eye after he had died. He spent his time feeding the Eye of Cyclops unsuspecting victims, including Max, when he was suddenly teleported into an electric chair in the Torturer's chamber. The Torturer attempted to fry Max to feed him to the Eye, but Max escaped. He then grabbed Max and brought him to the guillotine, but Max escaped that, as well. As Max is running away, he comes across the Eye himself. The Torturer attempts to trap him in a cage, but Max flees and tricks the Torturer into running into a spiked tomb, where Max slams the door shut and supposedly destroys the Torturer.

Animated SeriesEdit

The Torturer appeared in the episode Day of the Cyclops, and is named Torlak. Residing in Turkey, the Torturer attacked Max and Norman after they were imprisoned for theft. Torlak easily defeated Norman, but fled when Max called the guards over. It is revealed Torlak was one of the men that traveled with Odysseus from Greek mythology. Max and Norman then discovered the secret entrance into the Cyclops' chamber, and found the Torturer. Max succeeded in annoying Torlak, until Norman was able to shove him into a spiked coffin (similar to the Doom Zone). He then threw him into a spiked pit below. The Torturer survived, however, and once again attacked the pair. After a battle, Norman was able to throw Torlak into the fire caused by the destroyed Eye of Cyclops.

Torlak's appearance is significantly different from his Doom Zone counterpart. The figurine has pink skin and wears armor, whereas the Torturer in the animated series wears rags. Also, while the Torturer was depicted as a muscular man in the toy series, Torlak was simply a grunting, unintelligent beast.

In other mediaEdit

Mighty Max: The Ultimate Adventure GameEdit

The Torturer is one of the six villains featured in The Ultimate Adventure Game.

Mighty Max: Super Battle Card GameEdit

The Torturer, referred to as "Chief Torturer," is one of the characters featured in the Super Battle Card Game, valued at 7 points.



  • The Torturer was included in the Heroes & Villains #2 set, though he was renamed Goblin. He was also repainted, with his costume changed from brown to silver and blue gloves instead of black.
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