Toy Appearance(s): Palace of Poison
Strikes Fang
Cartoon Appearance(s): Snakes and Laddies
Minion(s): Giant Scorpion
Weapons & Abilities: Ankh of Power
Voiced By: Frank Welker

“Mock me, fool. But, after I absorb the combined lifeforce sucked out of your bodies from the Ankh of Power, no less than Apophis himself will honor me! Soon, I and I alone will be master of cosmic destiny!”
Venom, Snakes and Laddies

Venom is the Mummy King and an enemy of Mighty Max, from the Doom Zone Mighty Max Conquers the Palace of Poison, as well as the Battle Warrior Mighty Max Strikes Fang.



The mummy king and inhabitant of the Palace of Poison, Venom was awoken from his slumber by Max. Appearing out of his sarcophogaus, Venom attacked the Mighty One, but was quickly pushed from a high ledge, falling helplessly while Max was able to grab the treasure he needed to move on.

Venom later appeared with the serpent god, Pharoah Phang, though his plans were once again thwarted by Mighty Max.

Animated SeriesEdit

Venom appeared in the episode Snakes and Laddies. The leader of the Cult of Apophis, Venom wished to keep his immortality, as he has for thousands of years. However, he needs the Ankh of Power, which Max has given to a girl he has a crush on, Jiffy. Venom sends his snake henchmen after Jiffy, and retrieves the Ankh. Max interferes with his friend Bea, and they are able to disrupt the ceremony of Venom's. Venom is, however, able to grab Bea before Max is able to escape, using her as a bargaining tool to get his Ankh back. Max tricks him, and he and his friends are able to escape. Venom, meanwhile, refuses to allow them to leave, summoning the power of the Apophis, which takes the shape of a giant cobra. Venom rides the serpent, chasing after the trio of children. They make their way to a pyramid, where Venom battles Max briefly, but to no avail. Eventually, Max throws the Ankh inside of the cobra's mouth, destroying it and taking Venom with it. He was voiced by Frank Welker.



  • Venom is the name of a Shrunken Head playset, although it was re-named Wraptile. A different Shrunken Head is known as Mummy King, which is what Venom was named in the Palace of Poison playset.
  • Venom (the Palace of Poison version) was repainted and included in the Heroes & Villains #2 set.
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